Bruise Quiz

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Test your knowledge on the science of why we bruise and common ways to treat bruising. Q1. TRUE/FALSE You become more susceptible to bruising as you age. Q2. TRUE/FALSE You get a bruise after you bump into something because some veins break under your skin. Q3. TRUE/FALSE Immediate application of heat is the best way […]

The Science of Bruising – Part 3 of a 5 Part Series

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Part 3: Common Causes of Bruising and Predisposition to Bruising Now that we’ve discussed what bruising is, and the types and levels, what are some of the common causes? Why are some people more predisposed to bruising than others? Of course, asking, “what causes bruising” seems too simple at first; everyone believes or knows bruises are caused by blunt trauma […]

Random Myths About Treating Bruises

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Here are Random Myths About Treating Bruises We’ve already listed Doctor recommended ways to deal with bruises and information about Bruise Relief®. Here’s a list of common myths and things NOT to do when treating bruises. Enjoy! And please comment with any other remedies … “Put a raw steak on it.” Who hasn’t heard this advice at […]

The Science of Bruising – Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

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Part 2: Contusions vs. Ecchymosis – The Different Types of Bruises

In our part 1 of 5 series on Bruising we discussed the basics of bruises – what they are, how they form, and how the body reacts to bruises. In this post we will be discussing the …

The Science of Bruising – Part 1 of a 5 Part Series

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We’ve all experienced them at some point: sports injuries, post-medical procedures, and even everyday accidents cause them, but how

In Woman’s World

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This summer, Woman’s World magazine contacted Bruise Relief® about offering a coupon to their readers. We were delighted to offer a discount INCLUDING three free travel size samples to women across the county. We know you all have friends, spouses, children and parents who can benefit from Bruise Relief®.  We’ll continue to offer this discount through September 1st to our […]

Are You In The Know About WOW! for Bruises™?

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The Bruise Relief® recipe has been in the Cranner family for over 100 years.  Barbara Cranner, owner of Bruise Relief®, thought everyone in her family was, “in the know”, as to the many uses for this remedy. Now the fifth generation of Bruise Relief® users, her family was surely privy to every bruise relief fact, story, or secret passed […]